Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July Photos

Hi! These are in reverse order (the newest ones first and the oldest ones last). I hope you enjoy!!

Vivian just hanging out in her stroller
Vivian at her first wedding
Vivian's first hair cut
Vivian swinging
Vivian at Portland Headlight

Vivian's first biter biscuit
"Mommy, I sure enjoyed that cookie"

Vivian with one of her maternal great grandmothers
Vivian at the Kenny Chesney Concert at Gillette Stadium

Vivian on a slide with Einstein hair
Vivian in her outfit that her aunt and uncle gave to her

Vivian with her onesie that Auntie Linda gave her
Vivian at the Moxie Day Parade
Vivian with her paternal great grandmother and Cousin Emily
Vivian with the Dudar clan....Peter's family.
Vivian with her walker on July 4th
I love July 4th!!
"I am so cool that I have to wear shades"

June Photos

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sorry about the lapse in time of postings.....

I am having trouble uploading photos....Here are a few from May and June. I will post some from late June, July later today if Blogger cooperates....We are having a great time with Vivian and she is such a joy!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sorry about the lapse in time.....

I had trouble posting photos while in China and did not update this as I should since I used the Yahoo group for updates. Now we have been home for a month and I realized that I should update this. It will be a little at a time. These are a couple of photos from our first few days together......more to come. Soon....I promise!
: )